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         The premier provider of Mental Health Services in Long term Care.

About Paradigm

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p.JPG (4635 bytes)aradigm Health Services provides a comprehensive set of mental health programs for the residents of  long-term care facilities.  Services consist of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychotropic medication management.  Paradigm also offers complementary in-service programs and pre-survey audits relating to our services.  Paradigm's multidisciplinary team approach will insure that the best possible care is provided to each resident.  All of our programs have been designed to meet or exceed Medicare's stringent requirements.  Paradigm is currently providing services in Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia,  Kentucky, Wisconsin. and Louisiana.  If you are interested in learning more about Paradigm's programs and services please call us (800) 632-6074 or send us an email.

The Team

p.JPG (4635 bytes)aradigm hires only the highest caliber clinicians providing them with training, a structured program, and continuing education.  We have an entire department dedicated solely to the design and oversight of our programs to insure their compliance and efficacy.  Each region is managed by a local area supervisor. They provide both facilities and Paradigm’s clinicians with the benefits of personalized service.  Paradigm’s management structure enables it to maintain a quality program and ensure each facility receives the attention it deserves.

Every position at Paradigm is filled with an individual  unquestionably qualified for the task.  As important as the individual competence of each member of Paradigm’s team is their ability to work together effectively.

Think of us as your partner, working together to succeed in today's healthcare marketplace.

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